The Interview Competition is a great time to let the judges know why they should pick you as the next National Queen. Our judges are friendly and are ready to have a conversation with each contestant. There are no political, religious or text book questions. The judges just want to get to know who you are. Contestants should wear a dress, fitted suit, or jumpsuit for this competition. For our virtual platform we will have a "panel" type interview via virtual video call platform that will last about 5 minutes.



During this competition, you will showcase your ability to speak effectively using a microphone and confidently and professionally present yourself. Public Speaking is a skill admired by all. Contestants will introduce themselves, saying their: name, hometown, state, and where they see themselves in the future and/or something interesting about themselves.



All delegates must wear a floor length gown that is age appropriate for the formal wear/evening gown competition. Your gown must fit you properly (think as if the dress was made for you). Contestants are judged on grace, poise/ posture and overall presentation. Performing with an escort is OPTIONAL and you must follow the modeling pattern we provide for you.



Résumés used at the national pageant must be prepared from the template provided to you and must follow the guidelines shown on the template. Ideally, preparing a résumé is not a one-time thing. A résumé is something that you will want to have in a file, on your computer at home, and continue to build and nurture over the years. If you already have been cultivating a resume, that’s great! If you do not yet have one, then it is never too early to start, no matter what your age!



The Community Service Project counts for 10% of your Required Competition score in the overall pageant. A full 10% of your pageant score will be automatically awarded to you when you show record of having completed 4 hours of community service at a local, area, or statewide service organization. We will provide you with the form you must complete for this required competition.

Princess: Ages 4-6

Jr. Pre-Teen: Ages 7-9

Pre-Teen: Ages 10-12

Jr. Teen: Ages 13-15

Teen: Ages 16-18

Miss: Ages 19-24

Ms.: Ages 18+ Married, Divorced, Widow, Single Mom, Single 25+

Age is determined as of January 1 of the year you are competing

Built on INTEGRITY we disclose all fees and where your finances are going toward.


FREE to apply! Applications will be reviewed and scored in the order they are received. Once you are chosen to represent your state, the $150 fee is due within 30 days of acceptance. See cost break down in next paragraph.


Once you have accepted your state appointed title your $150 fee is due 30 days after you accept. This fee includes your state crown ($30) your state banner ($25) shipping cost to send crown & banner ($10) and deposit for live national production ($85) -> this would go toward securing the venue, host hotel room block, staging, sound, lighting and everything that is needed for a pageant production.


As you can see we try and do our best to keep our costs as low as possible! Most pageant systems charge close to $300+ for just a state appointed title and $25+ just for applying. The national entry fee will be no different. The cost will depend on how many total contestants enter and accept being a state appointed queen. We are working hard to get estimates and a national entry fee cost to you as soon as possible! But how we will break down the cost is as follows: 

*Scholarship prize for national division winners.

*Production- remainder of cost for venue, staging, sound, lighting, staff/judges.

*National crowns, banners and awards.

Once we get final quotes from all companies we can put together a set national price soon!