Official Custom National Crystal Crown

Official Custom National Banner

Cash award*

Prefect your Public speaking skills cutosy of, Fresh Start Life LLC

Crunchi Toxin Free skin care

Crunchi Toxin Free makeup

Earring/ jewelry/ wardrobe upgrade  (bling boss, autumn, Saryna)

appearance wardrobe allowance (Boutique?)

Photography session (shannon)

Make up lessons (Nicole)

Custom illustration of titleholder from In the Waiting (Becca)

Manicure & Pedicure package from Nifty Nails by Candice (independent color street consultant)

Heels/ shoes (marc Defang?)

Light up mirror (impact Vanity)

Custom title tote bag

Hair care products

Dress store sponsorship (dressed in time?)

Custom wardrobe allowance (Caitlyn Kent designs?)

Custom embroidered jacket, satin robe and crown hat – compliments of Caitlyn Kent Designs?

Travel allowance and hotel accommodations to next years live pageant to crown successor

Teeth whitening kit

Travel crown case (crown pristique?)

Banner bag

Holiday gift surprise (national office)

Spa package

Official MNU autograph cards

Official MNU car magnets

Personalized website feature for the year

Personalized social media page to promote your title, platform and sponsors

And many more surprises throughout the year!

Miss National US reserves the right to substitute prizes for equal or greater value. MNUS is not responsible for any prizes that are forfeited by sponsors.  

*Cash scholarships are determined by the number of contestants in each division.